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Primer Molding

+ Using MDF substrate that meets the American standard ANSI A208.2-2009 according properties

+ Water-based paint that meets current environmental standards.

Molding trim completed application.

+ finishing paint is free solvent and lead meets environmental standards.

++ Primer wars base paint and finish paint molding also is made whit solid wood substrate in finger joint.

Now you can find our products in distribution centers (DCs) of Torreon, Chihuahua and Cuauhtemoc, contact us!
We are currently in the task of certifying our processes under Six Sigma quality standards, in a few months, this important methodology will be integrated into production processes Real Profiles.

Still growing!, We are setting a new production line for the design and product: Wooden boards gluing by Finger Joint Panels, MDF and wrapping with thin veneers.