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We are a proudly Mexican company leader in providing engineering solutions with 18 years experience in domestic and export market we convene state of the art technology whit modern productions systems to manufacture our products as we are strongly committed to their quality and satisfaction for our Trade Partners.

Our Mission:We are a company that works together to develop, operate and produce more high-tech components with substrates derived from wood, plastic, metal, coated and finished in order to meet the requirements of the furniture industry, construction and decoration, obtaining with this establish a competitive advantage that motivates and stimulates us to continue to grow, not forgetting our commitment to the environment.

Vision:Being a first-class team in the design, production, marketing and distribution in its different presentations moldings whose activity is reflected in high yield shares to meet the expectations of our customers, suppliers and distributors with a structure that is agile and flexible fit the changing market finds.

In each shipment we do, our customers are assured of receiving the desired quality can therefore focus on how best to manage your business.

We have a commitment to Excellency:In today's global markets where competition is very tight, there is no space to work with traditional methods, so we focus beyond the requirements of customers and are constantly innovating our processes to be more efficient every day.

We manufacture engineered products that meet all quality standards required by the market.

Quality:Perfiles del Real assures its quality by

  • The application of statistical methods and standards.
  • Continuous improvement of product and processes.
  • The manufacture of blades, molds and templates to ensure the correct dimensions of the moldings. As we have a design center where we use the latest generation of computer programs allowing us to have great flexibility because it does not depend on external providers.

We give technical service, support and development to work together with our clients and their customers.

In our company, the purpose of building value for our clients is not merely a concept, is the ultimate goal that they are committed in all of our resources and capabilities.

Now you can find our products in distribution centers (DCs) of Torreon, Chihuahua and Cuauhtemoc, contact us!
We are currently in the task of certifying our processes under Six Sigma quality standards, in a few months, this important methodology will be integrated into production processes Real Profiles.

Still growing!, We are setting a new production line for the design and product: Wooden boards gluing by Finger Joint Panels, MDF and wrapping with thin veneers.